New Zealand is an island nation situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The country is geographically divided into 2 Islands; the North Island and the South Island. Wellington is the capital of NZ, and the most popular city is Auckland. In terms of national performance New Zealand ranks very highly. This can be attributed to the fact that New Zealand is a developed country.

Beautiful landscapes adorn the horizon in New Zealand. Not only that the people and government are actively looking into the sustainability of the environment to help in the progress of the nation. You are getting a world-class education in a picture perfect environment.New Zealand’s education system is centrally managed through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), a quality assurance system. This ensures that only institutions / Universities that meet the education qualification standards can enroll international students. These high quality standards together with the hands-on experience which students gain during their course of study have helped the education system in New Zealand to receive global recognition.

Not only are the education institutions of quality, the environment in which you study is a perfect mix of a cosmopolitan lifestyle and the country’s great outdoor lifestyle. The beauty of New Zealand is that there is a different landscape and a unique experience everywhere that you go. A single drive from one place to another in New Zeeland can bring you to beautiful white sand beaches to lush green parks.With lush rainforests, snowcapped mountains and natural landscape, studying in New Zealand truly is an experience.

As an international student, there are work opportunities available during semester and during vacations. And there are also opportunities for internships.More than 100,000 international students to New Zealand to study every year. Not only because of the sceneries and education system, but also because New Zealand’s visa process is simple and the country gives international students an opportunity to become permanent residents.

Why study in New Zealand?

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Internationally recognized Universities
  • A diverse mix of people
  • Exceptional Quality of Life
  • Nz offer different levels of study to fit in all categories of student with the help of bachelor,graddip,pg diploma ,master and PHD
  • NZ has different types of universities ,polytechnics and PTE’s
  • Breath taking views. Instagram pictures of the landscape does not need editing
  • Technologically inclined
  • Safe and stable democratic country
  • Country with easy residency options


  • Major intake is Feb / July
  • But lot of institutes have various intake starting from Jan till Nov

Entry Requirement / Eligibility

  • Bachelor : 12th grade from 50% and above
  • Graduate diploma Bachelor grade from 45% and above
  • Master& Pg Diploma : Bachelor grades from 55 % and above


  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume
  • Marksheet of Std X, XII and Bachelors
  • Statement of Purpose
  • 2 Academic Reference / Professional work experience (if applicable)
  • Appointment letter /Internship (if applicable)
  • IELTS / PTE /GMAT /TOEFL score card (if applicable)
  • Passport
  • Portfolio in case of Design courses
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