English Language

The English course will enable you to use the language accurately and equip you with functional vocabulary if you need to use English in social day-to-day situations. The courses are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. According to your necessity, you can study general communication skills, business English or prepare for an international language proficiency test.

Types of Courses

Full-time English Courses

Full-time English courses are specially designed for learners who need to unlock their potential within the shortest period of time and for long-term students wanting to further their education and career.

Part-time English Courses

Considering your busy schedule, the flexible course that allows you to learn a language in your free time, our part-time English courses will offer you the opportunity to further your education with less of a time investment.

Individual English Courses

You can enjoy total flexibility in scheduling and pace of learning with our individual English courses. These courses are specially designed for working professionals or individuals who wish to learn a language at their own pace and at hours convenient for them.

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