Study in Ireland

Why Study in Ireland?

  • Ireland is a friendly and safe country, 12th most peaceful country in the world where international students find welcoming environment and enjoyable stay.
  • Ireland has its own language English with distinct cultural identity that makes a great choice for international students in the technology world.
  • International students can choose undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas over a full range of disciplines. Ireland’s Higher Education Institutions have various courses on offer across the spectrum of different disciplines.
  • Ireland is in the top-twenty worldwide for its higher education system. National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) system of Ireland enables comparison of different qualifications from different education institutions and ensures their recognition – both in Ireland and overseas.
  • Ireland is a European hub to maximum leading multinational companies. Companies who require a skilled, educated and highly capable workforce to drive their success chose to locate in Ireland.
  • For entrepreneurs and business, Ireland is best choice which is buzzing with entrepreneurial creativity and dynamism from internet and gaming start-ups to new businesses launching products that aim to save lives and protect the environment.
  • The impressive technology sector in Ireland in recent years has been able to attract the biggest names in the digital sphere. Ireland’s place on the global digital map is strong , the big brand names are in this country.

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